Omic approaches to understand molecular regulation of cell differentiation - Meeting in presenza

Da Monday 30 May 2022 alle ore 09:00, a Wednesday 1 June 2022 alle ore 18:30

Molecular Biotechnology Center MBC via Nizza 52 Turin

by V Proserpio,D Donna,C Martinez,G Donati,S Olivieroopen_in_new

In recent years, new technologies and methods have emerged to analyse in unprecedented detail the genome and the transcriptome at single-cell resolution. Single-cell omics approaches are revolutionising a wide-range of research areas. By enabling the profiling of genetic, epigenetic, spatial, and lineage information at the single-cell level, these techniques are being widely applied tocell-to-cell communication, stem cell differentiation, cancer, neuroscience, immunity and tissue development studies, as well as to therapeutic screenings.

This meeting brings together international expertise in stem cell biology, development and epigenetics, together with quantitative analyses based on mathematical, physical and computational approaches to dissect the cellular and molecular aspects underlying complex biological mechanisms.

The aim of this meeting is to promote scientific networking for multidisciplinary approaches. Large number of talks will be selected from abstracts, to favour the collaborations between early career and senior scientists. The meeting is committed to promote gender equality in the speakers and organizers composition.