Open Lab of Advance Microscopy - OLMA@MBC

OLMA@MBC is an open access facility of the Molecular Biotechnology Center (MBC) of the University of Turin. The facility allows access to state-of-the-art equipment including  widefield and confocal microscopes for the structural and molecular analysis of live and fixed cells or tissues.

OLMA@MBC provides support and user training for these systems.

The microscopes are available to both members of the University of Turin and external users.


Services provided:

  • Experimental planning of light microscopy experiments.
  • Training of new users.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Multicolor images acquisition and 3D rendering on confocal microscope.
  • Support for image processing, rendering and analysis.
  • Support for specific imaging techniques.

The facility is open to scientific collaborations on specific projects.



  • High sensitivity laser scanner confocal microscopy.
  • Multi-photon laser scanner microscopy.
  • Fast sequential acquisition of fluorophores with minimal bleed-through and cross-talk.
  • Environmental control (CO2 and temperature) for in-vivo imaging.
  • 3D z-stacks.
  • Mosaic reconstruction of large samples.
  • dynamic imaging of steady state processes with Photoactivation/ Photobleaching (FRAP, paGFP).
  • sensitised emission FRET assay.
  • quantitative multi-content image acquisition.
Leica SP5 inverted confocal microscope with multiphoton laser
  • 7 excitation laser lines (405, 458, 477, 488, 514, 561, 633).
  • 2-photon Tunable Chameleon Ultra 2 laser (680-1080 nm).
  • conventional and resonant (8000 Hz) scanners.
  • 3 PMTs fluorescence detectors and 2 high sensitivity hybrid GaAsP detectors (HyDs).
  • Objectives: 20x / 0,5 dry, 20x / 0,75 imm., 40x / 1,25 oil, 63x / 1,4 oil, 63x / 1,3 glyc.
  • Environmental chamber for live cells.
  • Motorized xy-stage for imaging multiple areas per dish.
  • Leica LAS AF matrix for multiple acquisitions/ multicontent imaging.


Leica SP8 inverted confocal microscope
  • 7 excitation laser lines: 458, 477, 488, 496, 514, 561, 633 nm.
  • 2 PMTs fluorescence detectors and 2 high sensitivity hybrid GaAsP detectors (HyDs).
  • AOBS based system.
  • Objectives: 20x / 0,5 dry, 40x / 1,25 oil, 63x / 1,4 oil.
  • Auto Focus Control.
  • LAS_X Leica confocal software with 3D/4D reconstruction module.
Widefield microscopes

Zeiss Axio Observer:

  • Inverted microscope
  • DIC (Differential interference contrast)
  • Filter sets for wide variety of fluorophores
  • 5x dry to 100x oil objectives
  • Apotome
  • Slide and multi-well plate holder

Nikon Eclipse 80i-ViCO:

  • Upright microscope
  • DIC (Differential interference contrast)
  • Filter sets for wide variety of fluorophores
  • Objectives: 20x, 40x (oil), 60x (oil)
  • ViCO

Zeiss Axio Observer- Live cell station:

  • Inverted microscope
  • Environmental chamber for live cells
  • Phase contrast
  • Filter sets for wide variety of fluorophores
  • 5x dry to 100x oil objectives
  • Slide and multi-well plate holder

Below you can find some of the publications that have included data obtained within the OLMA@MBC.



Avalle L, Incarnato D, Savino A, Gai M, Marino F, Pensa S, Barbieri I, Stadler MB, Provero P, Oliviero S, Poli V.

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Blood Advances. 2016 1:47-61; doi:


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Dott.ssa Marta Gai