Facility Zebrafish


    Application and services at the zebrafish acquarium
    1. Line maintenance, breeding, genotyping
    2. Gene knockdown with Morfolino oligonucleotides or similar
    3. Sample preparation, sectioning, in situ hybridization
    4. Gene overexpression by mRNA injection
    5. Gene editing with CRISPR cas9


    Specific instruments
    1. Epifluorescent microscope
    2. Injector for zebrafish oocytes
    3. Incubator for early embryos
    4. Two controlled acquarium rooms, one of which semi automated.
    5. Wild-type lines, some fluorescently tagged lines.
    Access and costs

    The acceptance of new fish lines is strictly controlled.

    The use of the facility is under supervision of the leader and the personnel

    Only after a brief learning stage and authorization, users are free to work on their fish lines, always under supervision by the leader.

    The costs are defined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the specific needs and requests.  As an example, here are some estimated costs.

    • Only Housing : 1 tank for 1 year, 170 euros. To generate a new transgenic line, or for gene editing, at least 8 tanks are needed, with an estimated cost of 1.350 euros /year
    • Zygote injection: (including plates, capillaries, instrument, man-time). Served: 90 euros per session, minimum 10 sessions for an evident phenotype.
    • Sample fixing and preparation for subsequent (fluorescent microscope analyses): Served: 60 euros per session, minimum 5 sessions for an evident phenotype
    • Use of Morfolino Oligos + Rescue with mRNA injection:  3 morfolino oligos (2 experimental 1 control) 800-1000 euro,  kit for mRNA preparation 500 euro, other reagents 1.400 euro. Served:  2.500 euro + raw costs
    •  Gene Editing with CRISPR Cas9: to be discussed case by case
    •  Fluorescence Microscopy Examination: to be discussed with the microcopy facility present in-house
    Information and Contact