Research Facilities

MBC’s Core Facilities

The Molecular Biotechnology Center (MBC) of the University of Turin provides several Core Facilities allowing researchers to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their scientific research.

The MBC Core Facilities allow Italian and international researchers to achieve ambitious research goals in a fast, accurate and cost-effective way.

These services have been operating for several years thanks to various research teams able to offer high-level technical support and provide cutting-edge skills and technologies on specific biological problems. The services are accessible both to members of the University of Turin and to external user groups and companies.

Currently, the MBC's Core Facilities cover the following areas:

The Core Facilities are managed by industry experts who provide consultancy in the experimental design, technical assistance and possibly new user training among the services. Close attention is given to the delivery of quality services, fast reaction times to user demands, affordable prices. All the services provided by the Core Facilities are also available for scientific collaboration on specific projects