Design and testing of targeting and responsive probes for Molecular Imaging


Silvio Aime

The main lines of research activities are the following:

  • synthesis and MRI assessment of high-relaxivity Gd-based chelates (including multimeric derivatives and nano-sized assemblies);
  • synthesis and MRI assessment of novel agents based on chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST); 
  • development of MRI- 13C-hyperpolarised molecules via the formation of para-hydrogenated substrates; 
  • Imaging reporters responsive to specific physicochemical and biological parameters of the cellular microenvironment (pH, temperature, metabolites' concentration, enzymatic activity) 
  • Cellular labelling (stem cells, leukocytes, tumour cells, etc.) by the internalisation of paramagnetic metal chelates; 
  • Tumor “targeting” (AA, LDL, Anionic and cationic transporters, Adhesion molecules, Hyperexpressed receptors, fibrin…) 
  • Targeting thrombi and plaques with suitably functionalised nanocarriers bearing different types of imaging reporters.
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Assessment of changes in Vascular Permeability in neo-formed vessels 
Unit Members