The Centre

About MBC

The Molecular Biotechnology Center (MBC), active since September 2006, has the main objective to bring together investigators with different scientific backgrounds to facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to biomedical research. The Center is actively involved in biotechnological research in the field of biomedical sciences, with specific focus on the study of the molecular mechanisms at the basis of physiopathological processes that have a great impact on human health, such as cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, cancer and stem cell biology. These research efforts are mainly based on the development of the most advanced molecular imaging technology, bioinformatic analysis and the generation of mouse and zebrafish models.

The MBC hosts:

  • the Center for Molecular Imaging
  • the Center for gene transfer
  • the Center for the production of recombinant proteins and antibodies
  • the Center for Bioinformatics
  • the Stem Cell Center (the facility is dedicated to clinical applications)

Finally, the Molecular Biotechnology Center hosts the Technology Transfer Center, which fills the gap between academia and industry by building relationships with biotechnology companies. The center provides laboratory spaces, scientific know-how and the knowledge for intellectual property ,licencing and business plan development and will also foster interactions with venture capitalists.